Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trying new things.

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The girls and I like to try new foods now and again. My older daughter has particularly adventurous tastes. *L* Today while shopping in a grocery store we don't often visit, she went through the import aisle and found these. Taro flavoured mochi.

How... fascinating. *L*

We had no idea what it was, though after looking it up I realized it was just a matter of forgetting the name. I even have recipes for mochi. We just never had the chance to try it before.

I'm not sure if I like it! The taste is sweet and I like taro, but the texture...

... it's like flesh. That's all I can think to compare it too! When we opened the package, we all just sort of looked at them for a bit. It did not look much like the photo on the package. Then I poked at it.


So... fleshy.

That didn't stop us from trying it, though.

We've had two each, and I still don't know if I like it or not. That weird, chewy, fleshy texture.

I just asked both girls what they thought. My younger daughter can't get past the texture and has decided she finds it icky. My older just said, "skin!" *L*

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Yet I can picture myself suddenly craving this stuff at some point!

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