Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our crazy cats

What is is about cats? They are just so weird sometimes!

Take our Crack Kitty, otherwise known as Harley.

Our crack cat

Every now and then, my daughter plunks her down on her lap like this, and the cat just stays there.

Sometimes for hours.

My daughter doesn't get cuddled by her cat very often. Harley is more likely to suddenly attack. Not in any serious way, but in a very crazy way. Or she stares, with wide, insane, slightly murderous eyes. Hence her alternative name, Crack Kitty.

Other times, she suddenly runs throughout the house before using one of the walls as a brake. Which seems to work fine, as I don't think she has bones. Just cartilage. There's no other explanation for the way the turns into a black, furry puddle when she lies down.

Then there's my other daughter's cat.

Our adorable cat

This cat is much more dignified. No furry puddles out of this cat. She is very particular about how she tucks her feet under her, making this elegant little package of composure. She's a total Queen. Unfortunately, she's also half deaf and insanely loud. Especially in the wee hours of the morning.

She also loves to cuddle. Even if it's a pillow. Then she does that thing with her head, exposing her chin. I couldn't resist... after taking this photo, I just had to scritch her chin. She didn't even wake up.

Cats are crazy. Maybe that's why I've come to like them so much! ;-)

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