Sunday, June 7, 2009

An afternoon at Devonian.

Anna: We made our first trip of the year to the Devonian Botanical Gardens. I've got a flickr set of photos here, and I'm sure Philippe will have more to add later on. Things are just getting growing right now, so we'll be sure to make several more trips out throughout the summer and fall. We've yet to explore the entire gardens, which will take a couple more trips, at least.

I had brought both my Nikon D70 and my old Canon S3, in case I wanted to take some video. This turned out to be a good thing, as part way through, the D70 suddenly stopped working. I tried a bunch of things, then waited until Philippe and the girls caught up with me to see if he could think of something else I didn't know about. While I was waiting, I got this photo with the S3.


There are called Shooting Stars and are part of the Plants of Alberta garden.


This is also from the Plants of Alberta garden, and is the shot I was trying to get when the camera stopped working. It basically got busy, as if it were writing something to the card, but wouldn't stop. Even shutting it off or removing the memory card didn't work. Philippe finally took the battery out and put it back in, and that did the trick. I got this photo when we were on the way out. I love the shapes in this one.


This was taken in the Patrick Seymour Alpine Garden. Because of how the garden is laid out (narrow stone paths through gravel, with requests to stay off the gravel), I couldn't get down to flower level to use the viewfinder. Instead, I just held the camera out and hopefully aimed the lens at things. I think that worked out rather well. ;-)


AmpersandPrime said...

LOVE the fern unfurling.

Anna said...

Thanks. :-)

angelfeet said...

The Shooting Stars are amazing, and I love the detail on the fern.